Friday, August 15, 2008


My son's room has recently gotten its latest update. New curtains so he doesn't destroy the blinds. I had a hard time finding material I liked, Jobo immediately picked this stuff out, but I didn't know if it was too expensive. We went around the store twice trying to find something unisex but all they had was florals or dark colored stripes. I could have done the stripes if I was having a boy, but they just didn't look unisex. So we stuck with what my son liked and figured it was on sale.
Half of his room is windows. The closet takes up a whole other wall, and then the last wall has the crib next to it.
Here is a close up. I was afraid it wasn't unisex, but my husband said it was and it was a good pick. I figured it had to be, not to mention, it was the one my son wanted. Although he has been known to pick out really girly material just because it has ladybugs on it. Remember red means good bug, black means they bite you. (Now I just have to make the pillow case I didn't make 3 months ago. But first I have do the work my Aunt commissioned me to do.)
He is so happy with his new curtains! Yeah! for mommy' s sewing.


  1. I really like the dragonflies. I would definitely say they're unisex. They look very zen-ish or something. I don't know what I'm talking about really, but I like them.

  2. I wonder if he realized he has the baby-equivalent of a corner office!