Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Things I know

When my husband is on the phone with a friend who's wife just had a baby, and he repeatedly says the child's name over and over again. This is what I know, Two Things:
  1. He is hoping I will make a baby blanket for them.
  2. He thinks his wife just makes the best crafts in the world.
These are my thoughts on the situation
  1. I enjoy making girl blankets they are so fun, and easy to find material for, boy blankets are a different matter (this friend had a boy)
  2. I should never ever buy flannel no matter how cheap it is
  3. I should never ever cut up material before I am ready to actually sew a project
  4. I'm mostly flattered by the above situation
  5. Especially because I do not make the best crafts in the world
  6. Luckily for my husband my two month sabbatical on life is over

1 comment:

  1. Do I have to have a baby to get one of those blankets? I've already decided on a few baby names. You could make me the best craft in the world right now! :)

    Ok, I won't obligate you like that, but I do want to see some of the finished products. No, not just a picture. I want to actually see one. (This is a ploy for us to get together some time!)