Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My new favorite lunch

Remember the lasagna post. Well I had the noodles for the lasagna I never made, because my son opened the package for me. I realized my favorite part of lasagna is the noodles. When I was a child, I would scrape everything off and only eat the noodles. (My poor mother) So I made this for lunch:

Noodles, a little bit of sauce and a lot of cheese. It is so good, if you have my culinary tastes.
On a side note, I am loving my cheap brand vanilla ice cream these days. Its always kind of a relief when I do and don't have to spend the big bucks on dreyers.
Hmmm, this means something...


  1. What does that mean??????:)

  2. I hope there are no cheap pickles in the house! Or any of Pam and Kim's homemade pickles they have a rumor for being in that aphrodisiac category!

    As for cheap ice cream...it causes cancer and allergies...look at the ingredients list! There are things in there that you wouldn't even feed to small mice or hamsters!

    It isn't a splurge if you prevent illness! We are sticking with the Dreyers and Breyers!

  3. If its favored, the good stuff is good. But if its vanilla I can't stand name brand.

  4. Anything's better with cheese. LOTS of cheese.