Friday, June 6, 2008

Manly Bugs

I've recently started sewing again. I took a two month sabbatical. (I took a two month sabbatical from a LOT of things, including visiting teaching.) Since my sabbatical is over now I have been to JoAnns quite a bit. My son apparently is growing up and some days can be quite pleasant it the store, which I would have thought impossible last fall. A few weeks ago, he was very good in the store, and wanted some of his own material. Since I love material, I had to indulge his wants. Of course he won't always love it because he is a boy and will grow up and learn mommy is not cool, but while he does I will be indulgent. He wanted pink flowers and lady bugs, I couldn't let him do that, at the sake of sounding homophobic-- I try to teach my son gender differences. I found all types of boy material for him, basketballs, dogs, stars (probably not big boy, but was so cute, in a gender neutral way), he wanted none of it, then we found these lady bugs. This is what he wanted:

I found other cute boy stuff and he wanted the bugs, I said fine. I was actually proud they were so manly looking. They look very beetle like, not so cutesy girl. Yellow spots and everything.
He carried the material around for days. He loves it. I was going to make him a pillowcase out of it, but I'm not really sure. He seems to love it so much, a pillow case isn't that exciting. But in actuality he loves the calico pillowcases I've made for him. So he would probably love this one too, if it was in a pillowcase. Although I don't think this is actually calico.
I really have no problem at all, with him liking ladybugs as long as I don't think of that early 90s movie. I think I have found the reason he likes ladybugs so much. He has two experiences with bugs on him, remember the beetle one, didn't turn out so well for him. The other time was before beetles, with lady beetles at the beach in LA. There were lady bugs everywhere, so to see what my son would do I put them on him, he loved it. He started putting them on himself, and carrying them in his hand. I'm sure in his mind, red beetle means safe, black means danger.

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