Thursday, December 20, 2007

Flowers for the Bride

My brother in law got married on Tuesday.
I spent a whole saturday of decorating for the reception, which included making her bouquet. On monday when I saw her I asked her if she wanted me to make another one, long story short, she got one. Pictured above.
She wanted something small, some might thinks this bouquet is lacking but its what she wanted. Actually she wanted one rose, her mom wanted more we compromised that's what weddings are all about. I think it was perfect for her, but maybe I'm biased since I made it.


  1. You sure are luckly Lesli.

    Lucky you only got a finger in the mouth ONCE!!!! ahahhahahhahaha!!!

  2. I think the whole wedding thing turned out so awesome! I loved the roses everywhere and the ones the bride was holding! Good JOb!

    That was a classic picture of the finger in the nose !

    I like the little cousin shots. I think your son is the most handsome of the toddlers!