Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

These are hubby's father's day Presents.

The small newspaper one, Jo picked out, it was the Red Badge of Courage. We got a Hardcover copy for a $1.50! The diaper box, was his second present. I didn't use wrapping paper, because all I have is pink, and hubby is too functional to see the use in wrapping paper. I just use newspaper, because he would rather that then me spend money on buying wrapping paper for him.
(Although I do buy wrapping paper for other people.)

This is what came out of the diaper box. A blanket that is almost three years over due. I bought the material when we were dating, I was planning to make him a blanket. But I never had time, until now. I gave him the material for his first birthday we were married, and told him I was going to make it for him, but that yet still never happened, and so finally I finished it. He loved it, as you can tell by the smile on his face. He was so excited. He said the other day he was thinking he was hoping you were going to finish making it. So it was a great present.

So here is the deal with the blanket. I was going to make hubby a blanket because isn't that what girls who know how to sew do for their boyfriends? We'll I never had before, before hubby no boy was worthy of any effort on my part. Somehow my husband past the test, so I was going to make my husband a blanket. That way he could think of me as he was falling asleep or something I don't know that was the plan. But I was always too busy either working, going to school, planning a wedding, being pregnant or being a mom, to finish it until now. Doesn't quite have the desired effect as it was suppose to be. my husband doesn't need a blanket to think of me, he sleeps next to me at night. But he does love blankets. When it isn't blazing hot outside, he always wants to be wrapped up in a blanket, so although he is no longer my boyfriend. Apparently even a husband needs a blanket. On the back side I wrote a secret message, he hasn't found it yet.
In tiny embroidery it says, LEH heart BRH


  1. What does the <3 mean?

    Congradulations on finishing the blanket. I have a problem with finishing. Starting is so easy, finishing not so easy.

  2. I embroidered a heart in between our initials. But since there is no heart symbol on the keyboard, I had to recall my chatting symbols. Turn your head to the side and it almost looks like a heart, if you were a teenager at the turn of the century.

  3. NICE blanky...I hope you get to snuggle with him and the blanket! I hope the blanket will not come between you but bring you closer together! ...

  4. So you wouldn't make him a blanket when he was your boyfriend, but now that he's your ex-boyfriend you will? I see how you are. :)

    Hi, I'm Brent's cousin, so I guess I'm your cousin too. Just imagine Pam said what I wrote above, and you'll get the tone I was going for. :) Josh is adorable! And the blanket looks super comfy.

  5. Maryanne, you know exactly how I am, that is totally me. In fact I use to always ask Brent to hang out with me when he had a different girlfriend. I even baked him a cake then. And as we can all see I won, not the other girls. By the way, of course I know who you are, well I know of you. I realize you are a cousin, and I have in fact met your siblings, and I read you blog from time to time.