Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Baby Blankets

My little family and I went to go see my husband's sister's little family. His sister just had her first baby, a girl named Julianna. I made them a present, because that is what I do for babies that are related to me. Its a nice big receiving blanket. Not only useful for swaddling but also useful for the mother's modesty in public. Here it is:
Notice the personalized name in the left corner.
Here is a close up of the print, a farmer since JD--the father of Julianna is a farmer without a farm.
When I made Jo' blanket for him, my mom realized that the personalized name on the back serves multiple purposes. If you swaddle the baby correctly you never have to tell people the name of the baby. It is just there on the forehead. I thought Joshua did a great job of modeling his blanket. He is obviously not an infant in that picture, and although they are smaller it actually works better for infants because they don't wiggle as much.

Here is Jo admiring his new cousin. Josh was actually the first cousin Julianna met. It was an honor he bore with dignity. He wanted to stab her eyes out, I'm assuming it was so he is the only one she ever sees. He isn't very good at sharing.
(By the way I do have enormous elbows, for my build, it isn't just the picture.)


  1. English major. Yes, it'll be sooo nice to be done!! Going little bits at a time is not fun because you feel like you're going to school forever! Plus it sucks to be working at the same time.

    Cute pictures!!

  2. That is a cute blanket you made. If you hadn't pointed out your gigantic elbows I might have missed them. Wow.

  3. We can't wait to get some eye stabbing in soon too! Thanks for initiating her for us Joshy!

    Love the farmer blanket. We just finished one too. I should post it. My girls helped me make it, so much fun...took twice as long.