Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Picture Magnets

I haven't been crafting lately. But I have been budgeting a lot and de-junking our house. Turns out with 6 people and four years a lot of stuff can amass. In the process of downsize I put our Family Home Evening board in the bags of stuff to get rid of. We are considering a garage sale so everything is neatly piled in the garage and getting bigger every month. After two months of the FHE board in the garage, I pulled it back in and made new magnets.
We never really used the board much before, I usually didn't let them pick the treat, and my husband and I always gave the lesson. Plus its only been recently our two and half year old can conduct. So it was only the oldest two rotating conducting. But during Spring Break we were at my sister in law's and she actually let her kids do things during FHE, her kids that are younger than ours. So I pulled the board out again. They are having a blast actually getting to help. Plus the 9 year old loves to give lessons.
We are on our third set of hand made magnets. These are my favorite set so far!
We've had this board for 5 years. I wish I could redo the vinyl but I'm afraid it would mess up the board, after sitting for so long. I don't want a spot for scripture or activity. Activity makes the night too long when I'm hoping for pre-8 pm bedtime. They love conducting, song and treat so much we don't need the night any more fun.
Scripture... I'm not even sure about this one? A scripture story? that would take as long as our 2 minute lesson. Scripture reading? we do that at the end with prayer, and no one is in charge.

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