Thursday, March 19, 2015

Burlap Bunny and Wreaths

I wanted a new Easter wreath this year. After scouring Pinterest and not really find anything I liked I came up with this. My 6 year old daughter doesn't really like it but tried to be nice. 
I've been trying to come up with this wreath for a week or so, then a few nights ago I decided I would make a burlap bunny but didn't know how to do that so a google search took me to this site. The wreath came together really fast. I only wish the bunny had bigger ears.
Best part of the project, it was free to make, the burlap was all left over from old projects.

Speaking of wreaths I reassembled my foam wreath from the last two years. I decided to keep with the gray wreath. The bow is wonky but so is my life.
I love how much more vintage it feels. The green was loud, I'm too tired for loud right now. I got the printable from here.
Speaking of printables, I also found this Hosanna one that I LOVE. Can you even see it in this picture?
 And to finish my Easter bloggy tour of my living room, here is my bunting from last year. I know I know my husband already told me the piano should be centered but my children like to look out the window.
 Did you know I rearranged my living room yet again? The black chairs are back next to each other.

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