Thursday, September 25, 2014

Necklaces for Kindergarteners

 On Monday I was feeling distressed about how little time I have to craft. My daughter decided to fix that by asking me to help her bead a necklace.

Not exactly what I had in mind to do during naptime. This is what we made. She wanted very tiny beads so I mostly did it, luckily we didn't use a pattern.
Tuesday afternoon she comes home and tells her how her friend from landsharks (elementary school cross country) loved her necklace so much. Nan told her she would make her one and bring her it. Hooray! *sarcasm* I got to make another necklace! *sarcasm*
She picked out the beads threaded five on, and gave up for me to finish it. I decided to be more charitable like my daughter and husband and happily make it. It was much more pleasant that way.
 My daughter came home from school on Thursday after landsharks in the morning, with only one necklace so I can only assume her friend loved the necklace.

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