Thursday, October 31, 2013

Harry Potter Accessories

For some reason I made my son a wand.  I'm not sure why he needs a wand to trick or treat, but I had all the supplies on hand so it was free. I used this tutorial, with my kid's air dry crayola clay for the handle.
At least it made him feel special.
I always say I'm going to buy costumes.  But then I looked at the price at Amazon, because heaven knows I'm either buying it at Amazon or Walmart, and I couldn't bare to spend that much when I had a large piece of hand me down black twill in my closet.  I bought the patch for $5, so much cheaper than Amazon pricing.  I didn't add lining, because I figured a black cloak (minus the patch) could be used at Halloween for years, where a black and maroon cloak not so versatile. (But you know in the pictures of the characters from the early movies, they don't have maroon lining.) This is the tutorial I use for the cloak, plus I added a hood.
And here are the matching buttons I made for the boys to wear on their costumes.

So here is a another picture of Ron's Tie.

And well who doesn't want to see another picture of my ginger baby.  He's so adorable. 
(Aren't you glad I don't clean my house before I take pictures?!) 
Turns out that tie is a very effective drool catcher.There are two more Halloween Posts, one more costume, plus the 7 year old actually dressed up.

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