Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bridal Shower

A friend of mine just got married. It was a quick engagement and so it was an even quicker bridal shower. As in I heard about it 5 days before. I couldn't attend, but was thrilled for her and still wanted to give her something. Between nap, and school schedules, and whatever else was on my calendar for those 5 days, I really had no time to shop. (I barely find time to  grocery shop.) So during the baby's nap, whipped her out an apron. Plus it was a second marriage for both so they hardly needed Pyrex. Anyway, hopefully an apron was an adequate present. Thank goodness for fabric storage. 

I had a really hard time taking a self portrait of me wearing it. 
Remember hostess aprons are my favorite.  
Lastly, I know what miss manners says about second weddings, but beyond what do you give for a gift for a second marriage.  I'm all about cash, but a bridal shower is about opening presents, not cards with cash.

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