Monday, March 5, 2012

Wall- E Party

Well the big event Wall-E party came and went.  As you remember the invites. Here is what the table looked like.  We had Juice boxes, mini pigs in a blankets, apples, and carrots.  
 Here is our jello pudding dirt cups, with little sluggy hopefully roachy looking bugs in them.  (I obviously made more pudding cups, but this is all that fit on my cake dish. Then treat bags in the background, that I had to assemble-- glue wall-e on yellow bags.
 At one point we did wall-e pin the cockroach on wall-e, which is on the door. We used post-it notes with the roach from the movie glued on the paper, so we wouldn't ruin our poster.  We also did wall-e bingo, the pinata, and the last event was trash toss, of newspaper balls thrown in a box.
 With that many kids we had a picnic for dinner.
 The birthday boy blowing out is 6 candle.
 Eating the pudding cups, I thought they were super yummy.

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