Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sadness Strikes

First off, last night I was sewing a Christmas present for J's preschool teacher when my needle broke.  A normal occurrence on its on, but when I went to replace it I only had one left.  Four years ago, I got my sewing machine from my grandma, she hadn't used it in years. It came with two packages of replacement needles, I used the last replacement needle last night.  This is terrible, because now I have to go buy needles, I don't know how to, I have never in my life bought needles for a sewing machine.  I'm a little nervous. Wish me luck.

Secondly, you see this beautiful stocking I made my niece? It was lost in the mail, we don't think it will ever be found again.  I'm so sad, I'm in morning.... 
I really don't mind making one more stocking, but I'm sad this one is gone.... 
Its like misplacing your best friend. But not really.
I hope you didn't think this post was more serious than it turned out to be, because this is my craft blog, so you know.
Still I'm sad about both accounts.

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  1. Teach me about needle shopping! I used my machine today and thought about what to do if the needle broke!