Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baking Buds

I now have two helpers in the kitchen, and luckily they usually don't both help at the same time. Three's a crowd.
My first helper is looking old these days.  He was has lost interest in stirring but was quite helpful in decorating the gingerbread boys after I iced them up.
Remember in the song with the littlest one in the bed that makes everyone roll over and fall off? That would be my littlest one in the kitchen- boy is she bossy! Don't take away what ever she is stiring with or you'll pay.

Quick antidote, she is bossy enough that I often shied away from baking while she was awake.  Then my mom was baking something with both kids and it was utter chaos, to the Nth degree. I could barely handle watching. My mom said, Grandma Gibbs (her grandma) would have loved this!  She loved enthusiastic children baking, she just put them on the stool and stood behind them.  Since then I've been more apted to letting my daughter help, but I learned a good lesson.  My son always was next to me and a relaxed helper, my daughter takes baking as a full contact sport, and I have to stand right behind her or fights break out.

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