Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Frugal Dolly

I have way too much fun with having a daughter and getting to buy girl toys. I wanted a new dolly dress, but I didn't want to spend $10 on an outfit for a doll, when I rarely spend that much on an outfit for my children. So instead I bought a second hand $2 newborn dress and shortened it (and slimmed it out).
With some scraps from the shortening I made dolly a matching headband, because Nan was so excited. Its not a turban like it looks. Ahh, green eye dolly, we love green eye dolly, because I have green eyes, and I think Nan's are going green, they are definitely not bright blue like they were a year ago.  Its hard to find anything other than a blue eyed dolly.

My daughter was trilled with dolly, and dolly's new dress, but when I said should we take a picture of dolly, she said no, so when I took one anyway, she got upset, and refused to hold dolly.

Yes, I did spend the WHOLE afternoon sewing.  It was great fun, my husband made hot dogs for dinner, while I sewed Dolly's dress.

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