Friday, August 28, 2009

Popular in the Neighborhood

These were the most popular thing at bring your own lunch to the picnic table in front of the apartment building, among the children other than strawberries.

They are bracelets that my son and I had made earlier in the morning. Since both of his parents bead, he thinks it's pretty cool. (Even though his dad doesn't bead to be cool, he does it to be frugal.) Not to mention I've had a few nursery leaders tell me he is very skilled at stringing beads. He was very excited to make bracelets with me, since I don't let him touch my beads. (These are clearly child friendly.)
They are very easy to make I give him pipe cleaners because then I don't have to tape up the end of his string, and then we just bent the ends of the pipe cleaners around and fed them back through the beads. It was great!

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