Monday, August 31, 2009


(I meant to hit publish on this post about two months ago.)
This is my husband's favorite no oven dish this summer.
Lentil salad
I found the recipe on another site and can't find it again, so I have no idea what the real recipe is, but what we do is. Cook the lentils, cut up two handful of cherry tomatoes from our tomato plants. Dice a half of pepper, and half of onion, mix it all up, and squirt a ton of lemon juice on it, and refrigerate it for a few hours.
We are cheese and tortilla/corn chips family so, we usually cook tortillas and cheese, and cut them up into little 1 X 1 squares and pour the salad on top of the squares.
We can't get our son to eat tortillas usually so he has his on top of nachos, my three year old actually eats this. He actually asks for lentils some days.
I think it looks so pretty with the cherry maybe grape tomatoes.

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