Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Party Time

Last Friday night, we had the aforementioned party. My cousin turned 20, and she had a bash at my house. We also had her two brothers over and their wives. Here is the garland I found from Martha. As you will notice, it is the only martha craft I made. The hats, didn't not turn out to look so good, and they were much more challenging to make than martha made it seem. So they got cut before I even made one. It made me a little disillusioned in martha. I really really really wanted to make the clowns, but I had no time. And the turkeys...well I'm still hoping... Oh and no one could really have expected me to cut out napkins, if you thought I was actually going to go through with that, you are crazy.
Here is Jobo helping making the cake. He really liked it.
Here is the cake, so I know it totally does not look as good what I was trying to copy but I am so PROUD of it. First off, I have never made frosting in my life, and I made this frosting from scratch, and it turned out really tasting. I was really worried, because if there is one thing people from my father's side of the family like it is chocolate cake, my cousin requested chocolate when I asked her what she wanted. So there was a lot of self induced pressure to make a good cake, and as first time frostinger I was worried. But it turned out well, complements were paid, and I breathed a sign of relief after holding my breath for days. The way the cake looked on the other hand...it was lopsided I need my aluminum pans. And the decoration is obviously from an amateur but I was still so PROUD!
My hubby made food for MY cousins. How great is that man? I know I love him, he is so nice, its fabulous. He offered to make chimigangas, and of course I would never deny cooking help, since I am not a cook.
The birthday girl is on the far right. Here is Jobo entertaining everyone, none of them have kids, so Jobo is novelty.

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  1. So, you don't know me, I stumbled upon your blog through Pam. I grew up with her. I can't believe that Brent is grown up and has a kid. I just recently stumbled upon "Flight of the Conchords". I love these guys. they crack me up. They were on NPR recently.
    -Alice (Petty) Jacobs..you can ask Brent who I am