Friday, November 30, 2007

I feel like an elf

I have made 14 stockings this year for my family members. Definitely a high, that is why I feel like an elf. 5 years ago two of my brothers got married in the same year. For christmas I made them and their wives stockings, this year they both of their wives had babies. Here are their stockings:
My father also likes to have stockings of all his family members in his house whether they are there or not, that includes grandchildren. By the end of the year he will have had 4 new grandbabies. Here are their stockings: (the two on the right are replicas of the first two, and the one one the left is a replicated below)
I never made my sister stockings for christmas after she got married, probably because I was too busy getting married myself. She is about to have her first baby so I made all of them stockings. Right now my total of stockings made this year is 9.
Before we go on lets have a recap, I love green tree material. Lucky little Evan gets that stocking at his grandpa's house. (His family goes with a different style so I didn't make him one for his house.)
Then I decided 9 stockings for one year wasn't enough, and I remembered that one of my brother's never got personalized stockings. He got married before I started making them. I drew his name for the gift exchange this year and so I decided to make him and his family of 5 stockings. Bring the total up to 14. Turns out some of by best stockings were made in the last batch. This is my favorite that I made this year. So retro classic christmas in my opinion. It reminds me of the ones my mother made for us as kids. All of these stockings are done in that style but the material is what I'm talking about for the retro style. It reminds me of one of my brother's stockings. This one was also exciting I thought because it got button embellishments. I decided to put them on since they went with the main material so well, and she is "the mom". Growing up my dad taught me "the mom" is special. Not to mention it has a snowman couple on the front just like her and my brother, and then a snowwoman with three kids, and she has three kids. I thought the material was perfect for her. I try to find material that I think goes well for the personalities.But since we are talking about stockings, I have to show the stockings I made in previous years for my little family. Since I love them so much. My husband is on the left and my son's is on the right. My husbands stocking is the plainest one I've ever made, it was custom made, he picked everything out, he said didn't want it sissy looking or something to that effect.
I love the trim on mine. Its the fanciest trim I've ever used, I can't afford to put that kind of luxuries on when I'm making 14. The trim was expensive. But I love it still.
As you might of realized there is a few duplicate looking stockings, that is because if they are not being used in the same house, I have no problem using the same material multiple times. And I think its kind of fun to share styles. My little niece mary got to have the same material as mine. And Jobo's cousin has the same stockings at his house. Its fun I think...
For some reason I have always loved stockings. My stocking at my parent's house was always my favorite decoration as a child I think it was because it was mine, not the family's. Thats probably why I now make stockings for my whole family (almost).


  1. Your stockings are great, especially compared to my families. I think I oughta make some better ones this year, but I most likely won't get around to it.

  2. I hope that we get to see what you find inside of them on Christmas morning. I always loved the fruit and treats that were in ours--when I was growing up. I think cause I knew it was all mine, and no one else could eat my very own kiwi and my very own walnut. --deb