Tuesday, September 8, 2015

School Tags

Every couple of years I make my kids personalized luggage tags for their backpack and gear. I decided my daughter needed one for her lunchbox. 
She picked this picture of her and her baby brother that was taken when we took family pictures this summer.
Then we took a picture that matched for backpack. She specifically asked for this hairstyle. At the last minute the picture got scratched when I was almost done making it. I didn't want to start over. Lame mom award.
In the past year she lost all her baby pudge. She's now a lanky grader schooler.
I tell her how beautiful she is about once a day. She finds it a bother. Don't worry all you feminists out there I also tell her how smart she is, that she is a hard worker when she accomplishes tricky things, and how proud I am of her athletic achievements. She hears it all.

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