Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Butterfly Wreath

Since I took down my Easter things, it was time for a new wreath on my wine rack. (I tried just removing the chocolate ceramic bunny, but it was all wrong.)
I wrapped ivory tulle around a gray yarn covered wreath form. Then made the felt flowers and butterflies.
I have two gray yarn covered wreath forms that I use over and over, or this hobby would be quite expense. I just pin my flowers or other decorations on. When I change decorations, I put all the old ones in baggy just in case I want the wreath again next year. So much easier to store than a million wreath forms. I spent $2 on felt and tulle and have more left over than I used. $2 is the perfect price, hardly breaks the budget.
I found my flower inspiration here.
And my butterfly inspiration here.  I cut out one using the template, and it was very challenging. While dreading another one, I remembered I had a butterfly die for my sizzix. That's the reason I keep the sizzix, I like the option of cutting out felt.
It kind of reminds me of a prom dress with the colors, the tulle and the beads I sewed on the wreath.

Plus it matches with my printable for this month, I didn't really find any subway art that I liked.

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