Saturday, February 23, 2013


Last night I fed the kids frozen pizza, when I removed the pizza there was of course a cardboard circle underneath, I looked at it greedily, and though oh the possibilities what crafts could a perfectly formed circle create.....?
I decided a flat wreath form. If you wrap a wreath in something full or fluffy then flat doesn't matter. Actually with a full medium sometimes flat is good so the wreath isn't too huge.

Cardboard is one of my favorite mediums lately. Mostly because its free and I seem to have an endless supply in my garage.

I have yet to have problems using cardboard.  Pinterest has ideas about cheap wreath forms but in my experience they don't work.  
Pool Noodles-- kink 
Insulation tubing-- stretch over time.  
Cardboard no complains, definitely not foam, but works well in its own right.

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