Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall Blankets

This post is eternally late.  Which is the reason I started posting crappy cell phone pictures on my blog.  The pictures are worse quality, but I actually post timely.  So back in September I started seeing cute festive holiday material.  I make stockings and other such christmas items, but I never have a reason to use halloween or thanksgiving material.  Until this year, I wrap my baby up in a blanket every day and night, so I made seasonal holiday blankets.  I halloween colors.
 Then on November first, I put away the orange, and started using the turkey blanket.  I love those turkeys, plus its fun to say my turkey boy.
I think I might keep using this blanket, its not as in your face as the Halloween   If not, then I'll pull them out both next year during their respective months and put them on my couch as a lap blanket. Not only do I love those turkeys, I love the yellow polka dots.

And no, I do not plan on making a christmas blanket.  There are plenty of christmas decorations without needing a blanket.

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