Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Grandma Carol's Famous Strawberry Pies

My husband, his siblings, and everyone they went to scouts with grew up making my mother in law's famous strawberry pies with a secret ingredient. My husband is totally easy going about everything, except his mom's pies. I tried to make him one three years ago after his mom gave me the recipe. He told me it didn't taste right. That is the one and only time he has ever told me that. He dreams about opening a strawberry pie shop, named "Grandma Carol's Famous Strawberry Pies".  I was at my mother in law's the other day, and she sent me home with some red goo, she ran out of strawberries. I cut up the strawberries normally she keeps them whole de-stemmed. But it was her goo, and it still didn't taste right! I'm a pathetic.
I always wonder what Liz would think of the pie, in all her vast pie knowledge.  But it would do no good to ask, because she could never tell me if she didn't like them. My husband could never forgive someone who didn't like his mom's pies, and I can't keep a secret from my husband. 


  1. I wish I could try it! I love me some pie.

  2. I love how everything in the kitchen turns a reddish pink after making the pies. Even your fingers and tongue. I can't help myself when I see Strawberry cool-aid on sale. I buy a bunch just in case I get the itching to make my mom's pie.