Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Play Rug

I sold our IKEA playrug last summer/fall because no one ever drove their matchbox cars on it, and it was all rough. We had a  hard large plastic sheet that is quite thin under the rug, it came from a pallet of food storage that was delivered to some cousins. I kept the sheet of plastic, even though we didn't have the rug anymore, and pulled it out whenever the wooden train track came out. Then I found this Disney Cars material.  It was so cute I couldn't resist. 
Finally with the material I made a large pocket for plastic sheet, I put denim on the back.  Cars is one of three Disney movies that my son will agree to watch. Now we just need a Lightening McQueen toy and a Mater car toy.
See the sheet isn't pretty, but it works well for the train.  Since we don't have space for a train table.

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