Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why I'm a mom

This is why I don't work.
Sometimes I think about doing something on the side. I fully intend to some day. I even know what I am going to do (heres a hint it doesn't involve crafts). But every time I start to thinking about it, I think not yet. Why rush, enjoy my kid while I can. He is never going to be this young again. I have ton of years to do things (at least another 60), but my kid does not have a tons of time being young. People always talk about wishing they had babies again, but hardly ever express the same sentiment about teenagers. I have to enjoy my child while he still thinks I'm the coolest person on the planet. I'm sure by the time he thinks the opposite, it will have only seemed like a matter of seconds.
On a side note the thing I totally do not understand is the women who says they are done having babies but then says they are baby crazy so they wants to hold the babies at church. (Maybe I will one day, but considering I've never been baby crazy a day in my life I doubt it.)


  1. I am done having babies and I NEVER hold the babies at church. I have to really stretch to say, "oh what a cute baby." just to be polite.

  2. I never even say "what a cute baby" because babies usually are really funny looking and kinda ugly. So instead I say "he/she looks just like you."